At 101Physio, we provide a comprehensive range of assistive devices and equipment to enhance your daily life and promote independence within the comfort of your home. Our offerings include:

Personal Care

Products and aids to assist with daily grooming, dressing, and hygiene routines.

Home / Vehicle Modification

Tailored adjustments to accommodate your specific mobility needs at home and while on the road.

Assisted Daily Living Devices

Tools designed to simplify tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and reaching.

Custom-Made Braces

Precision-engineered supports to aid in injury recovery and pain management.

Custom-Made Orthotics / Shoes

Personalized orthotic solutions for improved foot comfort and support.

Ergonomic Support

Products to create ergonomic workspaces that minimize strain and discomfort.

Home Safety Devices

Equipment like grab bars and non-slip mats for enhanced safety.

Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids to improve movement and accessibility.

Medical Supplies

Our clinic offers a variety of medical supplies that may be used to assist in the recovery of an injury, to prevent future injuries or the onset of chronic pain. Assistive devices are tools designed to help with your daily living such as walking, reaching, sleeping, exercising, dressing, housekeeping, etc.

These devices include but are not limited to: Back supports, footwear/orthotics, Orthopaedic foam mattresses, back massagers and personal handheld massagers, long-handled bathing accessories, exercise mats and balls, compression stockings, therapeutic pillows, etc.

Our assistive devices and equipment are carefully selected to meet your unique needs and improve your overall quality of life. Discover the convenience and comfort of our home healthcare solutions at 101Physio.